5/17/21 HI I’M DORY

Oh hi, I’m Dory. Okay a little about myself, oh well some people say I am forgetful. Just because I forgot what I ate for breakfast this morning doesn’t mean… What was I talking about? Uh never mind that, okay things about me. Well as you can see I am blue, black, and I have some yellow on my fins and tail. I am big I guess, I mean I am long, I am 10 inches long. Merlin and Nemo combined could fit in my mouth. Oh speaking of Nemo he says I 

am forgetful and crazy, but sometimes I feel really lonely. I am 11 years old. Oh wait what was I just saying? Okay, let’s move on. One time I was just swimming around and someone yelled  “paracanthurus hepatus.” Ya know what, that has happened to me more then once. Earlier today I went to the doctor’s office and they called me that same name. Maybe that is my scientific name, whatever who knows. Ooh I know, let’s talk about my social media status, whatever that means. For lunch today, I scraped plankton and algae off the coral reef I live in. “What am I thinking?” Well I was wondering when I am going back to school. We are on vacation. Speaking of school, Nemo, Merlin, Mr Ray, and I went on a picnic today. I was in charge of bringing the mayo, but I forgot it. That was probably a good thing though because I needed to eat a lot of algae today (because it’s my job), I was going to bring algae based mayonnaise. Anyways, we had our picnic in my favorite place to hang out, near a crave in a big rock. It’s so cool in there. It kind of looks like my house. Ugh, that reminds me of Jack, he’s a bar jack fish. He is always trying to eat me in my cave, he is so annoying!  

4/5 the day in the life of a Binturong

Hey, my name is Betty, although some people call me Popcorn. It’s because, well I, I smell like popcorn. My sweat glands  give off a buttery popcorn scent. I use it to mark my territory. Okay, lets talk about me. (Not my sweat.) I live in a rain forest in southern Asia. I am in a carnivorous family that includes civets.  I spend most of my time in tree tops. Although when I am not lounging around, I am eating snacks. Oooh, I love snacks. I also have a  prehensile tail. That means that it can grip things, like  a hand. My species, Binturong, is one of only two carnivorous species that have prehensile tails. Fun fact about me: My tail is as long as my body.

Hedy Lamarr 4/11

Hello, my name is Hedy Lamarr. You might recognize me from my old movies, such as Samson and Delilah, Algiers, Bombshell, and the controversial Ecstasy. I am not just a Hollywood actress, I am also an inventor. I have been interested in machines since I was five years old. I would take apart music boxes just to see how they work and to put them back together. I was born Hedwig Eva Kiesler on November 14, 1914 in Vienna, Austria, during World War I. My father was a bank director but also very interested in industrialization and technology. He would take me on long walks to talk about different machines, like the printing press or street cars. My mother was a concert pianist. She put me in piano classes and ballet classes. 


When I was 16, film director Max Reinhardt discovered me. He became my acting teacher. I studied acting with Mr. Reinhardt in Berlin. I got my first small acting job in 1930, working on a film called Money on the Street. Only two years later, I gained widespread infamy through my role in a controversial film called Ecstasy. In 1933, when I was 19, I married a man named Fritz Mandl. He was 36. I soon found out he was a Natzi. That marriage did not work out well because I was born Jewish. One day, Fritz had a dinner party. I got some tea and gave it to my maid. But what she did not know was that I had put sleeping powder in it. When she fell asleep I took her clothes and rode away on her bicycle. I needed to get to the docks to get on a boat to go to london. Then when I was 22, after a couple of years in London, I moved to America after MGM studios recruited me as an actress. 


In America, the director would have all the actors come very early in the morning and work until very late at night. Most of my colleagues would go home and sleep. But I would not. I would go home to work on my inventions. I was also dating Howard Hughes, the famous airplane manufacturer, who would let me use some of his equipment. One of my inventions was a small cube that would turn water into coca-cola. I made it so that soldiers could still have Coke. Unfortunately, it did not work because the mineral content of water differed from region to region.. In some areas, cubes would fizz on the bottom as intended, but in others it

would fizz on the top or in the middle. At the same time, Howard Hughes was trying to make a very fast plane that could be used in the military as World War II had broken out. He let me design one. I bought a book about fish and another book about birds. I figured out which fish was the fastest and which bird was the fastest. I then designed the plane with some of the body features of each animal. My plane wasn’t produced, but my design was used to improve the aerodynamics of military planes. 

The relationship did not work between Howard and me.


 I was later introduced to Goerge Antheil at a dinner party. George was a well-known composer. Later that same night, I wrote my phone number on George’s car window with lipstick to make sure that he would call me. I thought that he would be able to help me with an invention I was working on that would help defeat the Nazis in the war. Soon, George and I came up with an idea for coding torpedo signals to prevent the frequency jamming that the enemy used against incoming torpedoes. We created signal hopping technology. George and I called it the “secret communication system.” I patented the system and tried to get the military to use it to better defend against the German submarines that at this point in the war were sinking a lot of allied navy and shipping boats. The military rejected it. They told me that I should go do something useful and sell war bonds. However, many years later, during the Cuban missile crisis, the military used my frequency hopping device in every boat involved in the Cuban Blockade to maintain secure communications. My contributions were not limited to important military communications technology. Some of my ideas are used in our everyday communications technology that help define today’s world, such as GPS, bluetooth, and wifi. 


Not only was I a famous movie star an considered the world’s most beautiful woman, but I also contributed to the technologies that have so dramatically impacted the modern world.





“OH MY THAT IS A BIG FISH!!!!!!” 2/15/21

“OH MY THAT IS A BIG FISH,” that’s what every one says to me. People are so means to me because I am a “big” gold fish. I wouldn’t know,  there aren’t any other gold fish in the in Oak Grove Lake. I mean other gold fish are probably 9 lbs too! When the scientist discovered me I was shocked: literally, they shock me to come up from under water. Those scientist and I are not on great terms right now. I mean come on don’t shock me just to see of I’m there. Although it doesn’t hurt, I still don’t like it.

I don’t remember when I was a baby. The scientist say they think some kid put me into the water instead of flushing me down a toilet. Thank heavens that kid did not want to kill me. People say that gold fish eat their environment. Apparently there must be an unusual amount of food for me to eat. So I guess I am really really fat. Anyway for some reason I have become famous ever since I made it on the the Greenville recreation center’s face book page (am I really that big?).

Why are my scales bigger too, why don’t I just have a lot of small scales? Why in the world is that guy holding my eye? Also why do gold fish like me look so weird?

Bees+poop= houses 2/3/21

Giant hornets from Asia easily kill entire hives of honey bees. Honey bees have found a way to keep hornets from terrorizing their hives. Some honey bees have become expert spies. Now they can  take other animal’s poop with out anyone knowing.

Honey bees collect pollen, nectar, tree sap, and never before seen… poop. The first person to discover this poop collection is named Gard Otis. He found buffalo poop on a hive in Vietnam. The bees use the poop to protect from Vespa Soror, the giant hornet.

Those bees have the right to be scared of the giant hornets, they are over 2 inches long, which is the size of a grown mans thumb.


I wonder if the bees use poop so the hornets don’t go close because of the stink? I wonder why bees are yellow and black and not green and purple? Why do bees stings feel cold and burns at the same time instead of just burning?


Hi I am the president of the Finches. 1/9/21

“Hello. I am the president of the Finches. I know we all come in differnt shapes and sizes, although we are all the same… becuase we are all the same kind of species. I know we have been struggling with this whole “finches are the smallest common household pet.” We will get over this. This is hard to overcome, I mean we are only 4 inches in length and we are only softbill birds, if you know what I mean… because I don’t. Anyway, know that we are small and sometimes really, really, really fat. we are big in intelligence. As you all may know, the glodenfinches are flying south this week. Their first charm this year. For all our new comers a charm is a group of goldenfinches.

This is our nut free day. We need to keep the bullfinches’ voices ready to be trained to mimic the national anthem next week. Let’s hear a round of applause for them. Alright, that is enough. And for our lesser redpull finches, you guys really need to stop hanging upside down. Our hospitals can not keep up. Alright, alright, I know, I know. it’s “for fun”

I wonder why finches are so colorful? Why are Bullfinches the only type of finch that can be tought to mimic songs? How did people come up with the name finch?

Babirusa, thats me!!!!!!! 12/3/20

Hi my name is Amanda, I am a babirusa. some say that my tusks go into my head, but I am not saying that it is true or not. I mean, sometimes tusks grow onto my friend’s scull. (I miss them so much.) Anyway, my cousin lives next door to me and he won’t stop oinking. I mean, come on, we know you are a pig you, don’t have to brag. I can oink too. That doesn’t mean I am going to say that my oink is better then yours! He just goes on and on about how much he eats. He’s not the one that has a two chamber stomach. He says “Oh, Amanda, I eat everything except for my own kind, PIGS. (bacon)” Well I eat my own kind, even babies, in your face! He is so full of himself. Pig means pig. Babirusa means pig deer, but I don’t brag about it.

I don’t mean to brag, but I dig dig holes better then pigs. I mean come on, what pig that you know snorts while digging holes? Okay okay maybe you have met a pig that digs holes, but have you ever see a pig growl or spit sticky saliva stuff? (we also live in them.)

Unlike my cousin, my legs are small and dainty, I wonder why? Why do I have tusks that may or may not grow into my skull? Why do have that crown thing over their head?